One, two, three – Anarchy!

Wonderful Women, dear Men!

I would like to get attention for the generally political aims we Anarchists stand for: 

1. Absolute freedom of information and discussion. That is neither given in the FRG, nor in Austria, nor in Italy, soonest possibly in the U.S.A. In the FRG really explosive informations are surpressed by all power, because of that I have been forced to use internet-platform registered in the U.S.A., for instances:    

I want to give the advice to everyone who understands German to have a look at the contents of those platforms,  firstly because You get the knowledge about the character  of countries like the FRG,  secondly You get the knowledge about the meaning of the fact if You get filtered,  irrelevant and false informationsinstead of true and blanket informations in public. 

Anyway:  Free Information and  Free Discussion are the necessary as well as the effectual conditions for repairing/avoiding any derailment of political or social developments/circumstances. On the other hand You can say that any lags regarding both of them are imperatively related to grievances. 

2. For the true adherence to human rights without any compromise. There is nothing in this world that could substantiate any violence to any human rights. 

3. For the right of self-determination of all Peoples. 

4. For treating nature with respect in an intelligent way. But the dominating systems subordinate everything to the profit motive of a crazy monied aristocracy, so we are running faster and faster to the death of the oceans – then all mammals will suffocate and many other species, too (too much CO2 in atmosphere means we shall not be able to exhale CO2). 

Amongst us German Anarchists there happen murders, because we demand reason and justice, and the FRG seems to be the master of such murders, for instances:

(the latter has meanwhile been deleted by forumandco to fulfill the wishes of German State´s Protection) 

That are only two examples, I had published a lot more of them in the forum on , but Thomas Vogel, Tengen, the holder of that forum, has betrayed me : He blocked me out and closed that forum for public views. 

We have to conquer the freedom of information, if we don´t want to get our all downfall. The actual dominators are altogether not sane. 

Dipl.-Kfm. Winfried Sobottka,  a Speaker of United Anarchists in Austria and FRG.

PS.:   SS rules in Germany and in Austria  – please inform Yourself and others:


Wonderful Women in the USA, dear Men in the USA!

My name is Winfried Sobottka, German, and You can take me as a special kind of agent: Without getting any payment, but getting a lot of trouble on the one hand, a lot of love on the other hand: I am that one whose doing has let Kaczynski, Polish Prime Minister at that time, in 2007 say in public:

“In Germany there are happening very ungood things at this time, and as in the 30th years the European countries do not dare to open their mouths.”

What had happend? I had uncovered that German state protected a cruel satanic murder to a young woman, only 15 years old, which was of Polish descent: Nadine Ostrowski, murdered in Wetter/Ruhr, Northrhine-Westphalia, in August 2006. The proofs were clear, I informed the embassies of a lot of states, German state is haunting me since then with unbelievable perversions of justice, criminale acts of the police an so on.

To cover the true backgrounds of that murder German justice sentenced a young man who could absolutely not be the killer – I can prove that and have done that already in German language. I will prove that in English, too, within the next days.

But that is really not all: Best covered by a network of liars and lies German and Austrian States are breaking laws at all frontlines, there is really no part of state´s acting without absolutely perfidious crimes.

The governments in the world know that for at least two years, and that makes their interest for my HP , what You can prove by having a look at the following statistics divided country – the links to the full Screenshots are given, too:

April 2009, full Screenshot on:













May 2009, full Screenshot on:













June 2009, full Screenshot on:














September 2009, full Screenshot on:













Please have a look at this, too:

We German Anarchists would be very delighted if You would visit freegermany usually so we could inform You step by step about the horrible reality in Germany/FRG and in Austria.

A special sub-domain for A/E speaking peoples is under construction and I am decided to write more in English than in German beginning with this moment. Until the new sub-domain will be ready – I will force myself to get that target within some days – You may have a look at:

That page is also accessable from the main page:

and from there the new subdomain will be accessable, too.

With kindest regards by the name of United Anarchists

Your sincer

Winfried Sobottka, Speaker of United Anarchists in Germany.


Dear Sisters and Brothers!

I can´t get access to and I think that State´s Protection is responsible for that. But there is no need to use any resources to fight my line free: I will write in English on, too, beginning this evening. On a special site I have to build yet (not accessable now):

Our hackers are doing a perfect job! We are giving a good foretaste of what would be the situation in case of free information: The liars medias would absolutely not be able to stand against us!

I love You!



Dear Sisters and Brothers!

There have been a lot of situations when I couldn´t  get access to my blog, among them situations when there were neither maintenance nor any server´s trouble as I could proof by the really good chat support of

So I have made up my mind to open this WordPress blog that I can use as a substitute in cases of problems concerning my

The name i easily to remember: 123anrchy – One, two, three – Anarchy!

Now it is time to make trouble – German  State´s Protection´s Internet-Force is impatiently waiting for that!

I love You!



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